Teaching resources

General Teaching Links

  • here’s a video on how to make a clustered chart in Excel with error bars

All of the course videos for my Evolutionary Ecology course (BI 225) can be found here in the order they appear during the semester

Module 1 – Fundamentals of Evolution

  1. Using the course Moodle page (link)
  2. How to watch videos for the course (link)
  3. Using Virtual Classrooms software (link)
  4. Where to find the paper assignment (link)
  5. Taking the Punnett square review quiz (link)
  6. Population genetics and HWE introduction (link)
  7. Exceptions to HWE (link)
  8. Introduction to the Beach Mice case study (link)
  9. Modes of selection (link)

Module 2 – Ecological Interactions

  1. Population dynamics (link)
  2. Competitive isoclines (link)
  3. The steps in predation (link)
  4. A short video on plant defenses (link)

Module 3 – Macroevolution & other forms of evolution

  1. Speciation (link)
  2. Phylogenies wrap-up (link)
  3. A brief example of the handicap principle (link)
  4. Introduction to kin & group selection (link)

Module 4 – Ecology at larger scales

  1. Food webs (link)
  2. Island Biogeography Theory (link)
  3. Conservation Biology (link) – the slides are here
  4. Causes of extinctions (link)